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Female Silver Bengal Cat Names and Blog

Female Silver Bengal Cat Names and Blog

Introduction to Silver Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are beautiful cats from India. Their names should be too! Here are some of my favorite female silver bengal cat names:


1. Callie

Callie is a beautiful name for a cat. The name Calliope comes from the Greek muse of epic poetry, and it’s also the name of several other things:

  • A color that looks like gold mixed with silver (also known as calliope yellow)
  • A river in Alaska named after this color, which flows into Cook Inlet near Anchorage
  • The flower genus Calliopsis, also called western sand-verbena or wild sand-verbena


2. Sophie

Sophie is a French name that means “wisdom.” It’s also the name of a popular cartoon cat, as well as a movie and book character.

Sophie from the animated series Bob’s Burgers is voiced by John Roberts and has become one of the show’s most beloved characters. She likes to sing songs about being friends with humans, including “The Fronds,” which she wrote herself!

In the movie Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010), when an evil feline mastermind named Kitty Galore breaks into an animal shelter and steals all their DNA samples, she leaves behind her own sample–a silver bengal kitten named Sophie who has been genetically engineered to have all sorts of special powers, including super speed and invisibility!


3. Sasha

Sasha is a Russian name meaning “defender of man.” It’s also the name of a character in The Vampire Diaries, but we’ll just pretend that doesn’t exist.

It’s a popular name for female cats, so if you’re looking for something more feminine than your typical cat names like Tiger or Kitty (which are also great options), then Sasha may be right up your alley.


4. Amelia

Amelia is an English name that means “hardworking” and “industrious.” The popularity of this name has fluctuated over time, but it’s currently experiencing a resurgence in use.

Amelia’s origin comes from Latin, where ameliorare means “to improve.” The meaning of Amelia can be interpreted in two ways: 1) it could be considered an older form of Emily or Emilia (which both mean “rival”), or 2) it could be seen as meaning “of the sea.” In either case, the word itself derives from Latin amalum (meaning sea).

Amelia ranked #73 on Nameberry’s list of top 100 baby names for 2018–but its popularity has varied greatly over time. For example, Amelia was never ranked among America’s most popular girls’ names until 1993; however, since then it has steadily climbed up until hitting its peak at #10 back in 2014!


5. Luna

Luna is a super popular name for cats. It means moon, and it’s associated with the goddess Diana, who was the Roman equivalent of Artemis. Luna also means the moon goddess in Spanish!

If you’re looking for a name that will remind your cat of its celestial nature while also making it feel like royalty, Luna is an excellent choice!


6. Roxie

Roxie is a cute name for a Bengal cat. It’s also one of the most popular names for Bengals, so if you have one and want to give it a special name, this is your chance! The origin of Roxie comes from the word “Roxy,” which means “fast” or “quick.” This name can be used as both an adjective or noun depending on how you want to use it.

Roxie is also beautiful because it sounds similar to Roxanne (which means “dawn”), but with an extra syllable added at the end–so it’s perfect if your Bengal has golden eyes like mine does!


7. Bailey

Bailey is a beautiful name that means “dweller in the bale.” It’s also a popular name for girls, boys and cats alike! If you’re looking for something unique but not too different from traditional names, Bailey will fit you perfectly.


8. Marley

Marley is a popular choice for Bengal cat names, but it’s not the most common. It means strong, robust and bright. A good name for a black Bengal cat!


9. Tabitha

Tabitha is a name from the Bible, where it means “gazelle.” A gazelle is a type of antelope that can be found in Africa and Asia.

Tabitha was raised from the dead by peter after she died. She became known as “Tabitha” after her resurrection because it was her Hebrew name (meaning “pure”). This story shows us how important it is to have faith and believe in God’s power!

Tabitha is an uncommon cat name; however, if you are looking for something unique then this might be your best bet!


10. Jenna

If you love the name Jenna, but want to give it a more unique twist than the traditional Jennifer or even Janine, then the name Jenna could be perfect for your female silver bengal cat. It’s an elegant and stylish name that’s been around since at least 1858 when it was used in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It means “God is gracious” in Hebrew and Arabic respectively; two religions which have had a large influence on human history throughout history (and continue today).

The meaning behind this name is very fitting for a Bengal cat because they’re very graceful animals who love attention from their owners! They also tend to be very friendly towards strangers–which makes them great pets if you travel often or want something less territorial than other breeds like Siamese cats would be better suited towards those kinds of situations




Black Bengal Cat

If you’re looking for a name that fits with your feline’s snow white fur, look no further than Snow. This name was popularized by the Disney movie Frozen and it will fit your kitty perfectly!

Your Bengal cat is a big part of your life–maybe even more so than any other member of your family–so it’s important to find the right name for him or her. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there!


Conclusion: Silver Bengal Cat

I hope you enjoyed this list of Bengal cat names! If you have any suggestions or feedback, then email us or comment on this post also, be sure to check out our other articles on Bengal cats and cat breeds in general.



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