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Passion vs. Profit: Why Following Your Skills is Key

Passion vs. Profit: Why Following Your Skills is Key

Passion vs. Profit: Why Following Your Skills is Key


You may have heard this popular saying follow your passion and the money will follow but really it seems this is one of the most misleading pieces of advice of all time first let’s have a clear understanding of what passion and money are.

What is Passion?

Passions are the things we love doing that could bring us inner satisfaction to be passionate about something means you could spend time doing that thing because it brings you joy you do it because you love to do it ideally while doing something you’re passionate.

About you do not expect to get paid for it to you it’s all about fun in most cases you spend money to enjoy your passion.

What is Money?

Money is a medium of exchange used for transaction purposes it could be in the form of coins bank notes or digital format you earn money when you offer something that is of value to another person who needs it the quality of the value you deliver versus the number of people who need those values could determine the amount of money you earn from the money you earn you could pay.

For your financial obligations such as accommodation food utilities leisure and more now that we have a better understanding of the two concepts we’re looking at let’s examine the connection between the two more closely the question now is does passion really bring money or is it overrated.

Why is Passion Overrated?

We can now continue why is passion overrated people who suggest that you should follow your passion and the money will follow fail to separate the idea of doing something for fun from doing something for money they often defend this suggestion by pointing at superstar celebrities in sports or entertainment.

Let’s look at a sport like boxing for instance to become a professional boxer you’ll have to go through a series of training and you have to be consistent you’ll follow laid down schedules for your daily activities everything is planned and monitored.

Problems with Following your Problems

If i had followed my passion problems with following your passion.

Not meeting your financial needs beyond having a passion for something you should also consider the essence of work the essence of working or running a business is to make enough money to meet your financial needs and have extra to do the things that you love you provide a solution to people’s problems.

Then get compensated for it let’s pretend you’re just out of college at your graduation you heard the same age-long mantra follow your passion the money will follow now you love to dance and you’re very good at it you think you could become a dance instructor because dancing brings so much joy to you you feel like spending the rest of your life doing things related to dancing.

But you’re now out of college and facing the real world you have responsibilities now you have bills coming in and you have a backlog of college loans to pay if you decide to follow your passion will you be able to pay all these bills and still have a good life i very much doubt it there are millions of people who can dance but not too many make a good living out of this hobby.

The way out

If you really want to be rich the way out is simple i think better advice should be if you want to be rich follow your skills and follow the money you may not have passion for the skill that earns you money.
You have to do what it takes to succeed with your skills so if you want to achieve financial success develop your skills and follow the money.

Why Follow your Skills and not your Passion?

One your skill solves problems you can only solve people’s problems with your skills a doctor makes money because he solves people’s health problems he doesn’t have to be passionate about observing all kinds of sicknesses every day he doesn’t have to like it but he shows up every day.

First identify those things you can do more than most people there are some skills that you have for which people commend you if you think you don’t have one then learn and develop one master your skills and show up every day just do what it takes to be successful and the money will follow.

Two the business world doesn’t care about your passion the world of business is filled with people who do not care about your personal likes or dislikes all they care about is what you can offer what value are you bringing to the table how can you help me with your skills if you’re a realtor your skill will help people to rent apartments and own accommodations.

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