Want to boost your video production skills? These sites will teach you everything you want to know about video production, video editing, cinematography, VFX, and more.

1. PremiumBeat

Although the company is best known for its expansive catalog of royalty free music, PremiumBeat is also home to The Beat—one of the best video production blogs out there. The site covers all aspects of production. Cinematography 101, video editing for advanced users, and a great list of After Effects tutorials are just a few of the things you’ll find on the blog.

2. Learning Video

Learning Video (formerly Learning DSLR Video) is the blog of filmmaker Dave Dugdale. Initially a running blog of one man learning how to use his camera, the site is now an all-around great resource for anyone wanting to get started in filmmaking. The site specializes in DSLR and mirrorless cameras, so there are plenty of great resources for those using cameras like the Canon 5D, GH4, or Sony a7S. I highly recommend the in-depth individual camera courses. Though that material must be purchased, you’ll learn everything about your camera in a quarter of the time.

3. Hurlblog

The Hurlblog was founded by cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC. Hurlbut and his crew share tons of great information for aspiring directors of photography. You’ll find excellent courses on lighting, camera setups, and even some basic on-set skills like knot tying.

4. No Film School

No Film School has grown to be the place where aspiring filmmakers hang out. Their content keeps up with the latest in trends, pop culture, and all things production related. They are quick to find and share the most inspiring video content from around the web, including the best-of-the-best video essays. The site just launched a podcast at Sundance.

5. Cinema5D

Cinema5D has grown into a reliable all-around news resource for anyone interested in video production and cameras. In addition to some great tutorials, they often feature the latest gadgets that will make your job as a video producer easier. Their camera reviews are fantastic at showing off footage and in-depth technical breakdowns.

6. RocketStock

In addition to having some of the best motion graphic templates in the world, RocketStock features a blog dedicated entirely to video editing and post-production. A big reason why RocketStock is one of our favorite sites is their monthly habit of giving away free tools and assets for video editors. If you’re into video editing (and you like free stuff), then RocketStock is a must-read.

7. Creative COW

Creative COW has been helping video professionals for over a decade. Founded in 2001 as a peer-to-peer forum, the site now includes tutorials, articles, news, videos, podcasts, and more. This is a great community to be a part of — and you’ll often find that the questions you have are already answered.

8. Art of VFX

You don’t have to be a VFX artist to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating professional visual effects. Art of VFX features interviews, breakdowns, and showreels — all of it dedicated to visual effects work. While you probably wont find any actionable tips or tricks, you will find tons of inspiration for your next project.

9. RocketJump

What started out as a silly YouTube channel has evolved into one of the largest indie-filmmaking websites in the world. The filmmakers behind RocketJump are dedicated to helping you become a better video producer. Unlike some of the websites on this list, RocketJump entertains and informs at the same time — they even have a show on Hulu that goes behind the scenes of their unique short films.

10. Raindance

In addition to throwing a film festival in the U.K. every autumn, Raindance hosts a film and video production blog on their website. While most of the articles are pretty film-centric, even readers into more traditional video production will find a lot to learn from Raindance’s bite-sized articles. If you’re looking for some quick inspiration, then you should definitely visit the site regularly.

11. Motionographer

Motionographer is a website dedicated to all things motion graphics. The site has literallythousands of original articles dedicated to helping you become a better motion designer. Most notably, Motionographer has a very active job board featuring full-time, part-time, and contract work opportunities from around the world. If you think your work has what it takes to be featured on Motionographer, you can submit any original project via their submission page.

12. Shutterstock Blog

As you may have already noticed, the Shutterstock blog is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the world of video production. Come back frequently for the latest on video editing, cinematography, and more.

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