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Sony is a technology company which is located at Japan. It produces so many electric products. Some of its most popular products are video game console PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4. They can also sold the Walkman which was invented by Andreas Pavel. It is a small music audio cassette player that is fit  for your pocket. Later, they made Walkman systems that could play CDs, MiniDiscs or MP3s instead of using tapes, and radio too. The Sony company also manufacturing the music players, televisions, headsets, mobile phones named Sony Ericsson and computers named Sony Vaio, and game players named PlayStation. Sony also got quite popular after the launch of it’s Xperia series. The uniqueness of Sony Xperia Z5 wallpapers grabbed the attention of many visitors.

It also owns the American movie studios, Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures, through Sony Pictures. Initially, the Sony started a departmental store in Tokyo. They can started their company with the capital of about $1,600 to create a company which would include 20 employees. In the year 1946, the departmental store was damaged by bombs.  People working in their new company repaired electrical equipment. Later they started creating their own products.

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