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The Roku is a famous and popular Streaming Player which has been manufactured by Roku, Inc. It can also provides the top content in the form of channels. A Roku streaming device gets data i.e. the video stream through a wired or Wi-Fi connection from an Internet router. Users can add or remove different channels from the Roku Channel Store. Adding roku private channels is not much complicated one. Roku fully covers one million viewers and can delivered the 15 million channel downloads. The Roku is basically an open-platform device and it is available for free of cost software development kit which can be used to enable the user to create new channels.

The Roku has announced its first branded Smart TV in the year 2014 and it was released in late 2014. The branded Smart TVs are fully manufactued by the companies as TCL, and Hisense by using the Roku user interface as the brain of the TV.  The Smart TVs has been updated like the streaming devices.

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